Saturday, November 4, 2017

"Why I love Reference Section"

Mrs Ozioma Eneasoator (Reference Section)
This is featuring Mrs Ozioma Eneasator of the Reference Section as she shares a brief information on Reference services.

            Library is basically a place where information is organized, stored and is accessible to users on time.  The major functions of libraries are defined in these three roles. Libraries acquire information, organize that information for quick and easy retrieval , and disseminate the information the library has acquired to the appropriate users . Reference section is very important and crucial in the library because it houses majorly research materials that cannot be found in any part of the library. Reference materials are very important that they are not meant to be taken away from the library. In Nnamdi Azikiwe Library , University of Nigeria ,Nsukka , the section is directly under the public services division of the library which means it has constant interaction with students on daily bases .Current and factual answers are readily given at the Reference Desk of the section .
A snapshot with users
A good research provides an avalanche of information that will help take a nation to the next level. It can provide information on how to tackle so many national development like food scarcity ,physical security ,national security and health well of the nation. Reference services include promoting quality research by the provision of an enabling environment, reference materials such as encyclopedia-general and specific, Dictionaries –general and specific , the WHO IS WHO’s in Africa, World books , world Historical sites and locations ,Guinness books of records and indeed so much more are available for your research, internet services, user education, Online referencing, university databases, open access journals, university repository are available through the use of internet services available at the section of the library.

 Visit us today@ Reference section, Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka   and have rewarding research time.



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