Saturday, May 6, 2017

How to Choose the Right Journal for your Research

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Research and publishing is not really an easy task, but with the right knowledge needed, one can a lot of impact. As a researcher, it is advisable to choose a target journal before you commence on your research. One might ask: 'what is a target journal'?
A target journal is a journal you wish to send your paper for publication. That is, the paper you just commenced writing. This means that before you start writing, you should have in mind, the journal you wish to publish that paper in. Once you have got that, you then read the author guidelines of that journal to enable you tailor your write up (content and style) to the specifications of the journal. A lot of authors' papers have been rejected due to lack of adherence to the author guideline of given journals. A journal needs you to format your references using MLA or CSE style of referencing, but because you are already used to APA, you end up applying it instead, forgetting it affects the in-text citation. Well, let's not go deep into this. We have recommended a video to you, to enable you know how to choose the right journal for your research.
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