Thursday, March 2, 2017

Quotable Quotes on Books and Reading

Quotable Quotes on Books and Reading

To consistently be a man of value, be a man of continuous education.
       Tope Popoola

It is easier to calculate the quantity of sand on the seashore, drops of water in an Ocean than to calculate the value of a good book
Pat. C. Igbokwe

Books and its equivalents are personal companion of those who aspire for greatness. Therefore to know those who don’t aspire, look around them and you will never find any (book); if you find, it will just be by chance.
Pat. C. Igbokwe

Live as though you were to die tomorrow, but learn as though you were to live forever.
 Mahatma Ghandi

If cash is kept at the end of a book, many will not get at it, because people hardly reach the end of the books in their hand.
Pat. C. Igbokwe

When you stop learning, you are old, whether you are 20 or 80.when you keep learning, you are younger, whether you are 80 or 20.
Henry Ford

The gap between a reader and a non-reader is as wide as the gap between one and one million.
Pat. C. Igbokwe

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