Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Library Outreach through Social Media: UNN Library in Action

Mr. Amedu Nnaemeka Amos
Social media is a very contemporary means of reaching out to library users in academic and other libraries. Our statistics of visitors on our online platforms keeps us going and posting more for the public. On 23rd February 2017, we posted on our blog and shared on our Twitter, Instagram and Facbook Pages about the new arrival of a text: 'Open Access Journals Desk Reference' which is housed in the Serials Section. Little did we know, that Mr. Amedu Nnaemeka Amos, a Postgraduate student of Education Economics, University of Nigeria Nsukka, saw the post. Precisely, he commented: ''i need this book. i will come 4 it" (See screen capture below)
. The material is a compilation of Open Access Journals with the publishers and links to the journal websites for further reference. Yesterday, 28th February, 2017,  Mr. Amedu visited the Serials Section and made use of the material and on asking him how he found the material he answered: "I found the material very useful, thank you". The library thanks Mr. Amedu for rating us high, after being intereviewed.

To all our patrons out there, please send us your request and we will help out the best we can. Reach out to us through our social media platforms: Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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