Friday, May 27, 2016

Hope: A Dual purpose Tomato variety for Nigerian farmers and the Cannery

In this time of Tomato scarcity in Nigeria,a lot of people have resorted to other forms of rice recipe, not minding the health implication and all. For instance, the palmnut stew,  popularly called banga or ofe akwu (Ibo) has been taken over family Sunday menus. It is true that so many Nigerians can no longer afford to purchase tomato in the market, especially in this hard situation in the Nigeria economy. Three days ago, Information Nigeria posted that making a pot of stew has become a very expensive venture for the Nigerian population and Jollof rice lovers have resolved to using canned tomato paste.

Lots of stories abound in relation with the subject of tomato scarcity in Nigeria. In all, there is need to seek solution; academic research is paramount in finding lasting solution to this problem. There is a project carried out by Professor Michael Ifeanyi Uguru, a professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The project name is: Hope: A Dual purpose Tomato variety for Nigerian farmers and the Cannery. 

Prof. Uguru exhibited this research produce, alongside other projects at the 55th University of Nigeria Nsukka Founders' Day held in October, 2015. The library captured the exhibition which can be found on Youtube. The link can be found here:


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