Friday, April 15, 2016

Fancy Food Molding

                                     This is intriguing and we would love everyone to try this at home. Sometimes when we visit 5-star hotels, we get thrilled by the way they present their dishes. There is nothing to it than simply taking time to learn how these things are done. Cooking is an interesting art. Some are gifted with it; some learn to be gifted. This time, we bring you how to get different shapes of food using various molds which is all about creativity. You get to find that presentation matters in most things in life, food being no exception. You can get someone hungry by the way you present your food. Africans would always say that 'the eyes eat first before the mouth'. This saying is also used when taking about mode of dressing. If you are addressed the way you are dressed as a human being, then you could be eaten the way you are presented. Happy viewing!


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