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Beware or Be Aware of April Fools' Day?

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Who has ever wondered why a lot of people are tagged 'fools' on 1st April of every year? They say once it is past 12 noon, the pranks cease.  Funny enough, once it is time, nobody indulges in such anymore. Just like Valentine's Day, a lot of people actually plan towards achieving their aims for the April Fool's Day. Imagine being fooled by a little kid who screams APRIL FOOL right after playing a fast one on you? These pranks could be fun when played among family members, especially in a mild way, as opposed to being tricked into danger. 

Some guys actually propose to their dates on that day, WHY?
Some fraudsters send bulk SMS alert to people with all kinds of enticing messages to lure them into danger.

As a lady, what if someone says: 'you are very pretty', then after saying 'thank you' (with your wholehearted smiles and 32 wide open), he says: "April Fool"! 

What if your dad calls you on phone to say: "Hey chap, I'm coming to pick you up for lunch, alongside your friends". Then, you call up all your friends and they get all dressed up only to get to your house and your dad screams: 'April Fool'!

Funny enough, most times people get fooled even after they had warned others against the pranks of April Fool. People can actually post that the fuel price or dollar price has been slashed! BEWARE!

Some actually go to the MEAN length of spreading rumours about people's death, WHY?
Others could forge sweet presidential speeches by President Buhari. A lot more could be done by humans all in the name of April Fools' Day celebration.

The police could feign an arrest of an innocent citizen all in the the spirit of April Fool.

Now,Can you actually wish someone 'Happy April Fools' Day"?'

 Tomorrow (April 1, 2016) is April  Fool's Day and here are some tips from Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka  on how you MAY avoid being fooled:

1) Set your alarm clock to remind you of the date to keep you conscious.
2) You may choose not to pick any calls until after 12noon tomorrow. But what what if your boss calls you with another number? Now, you choose: A query or a trick?
3) If you get any alert that the library is closing at 12midnight tomorrow, please disregard it.
4) Be cautious of any Invitation tomorrow except you may have had a prior knowledge in that regard.
5) If you pick your call, first say: "April Fool" before starting up your conversation. This way, you not only scare the prankstars away, but you alert others too.

You can add your own tip by commenting below or sharing this post with your friends! Tell us what crazy things people could do on April Fools' Day!

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Thanks and enjoy your day!

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