Thursday, November 26, 2015

Collaboration among Academic Librarians in University of Nigeria

Collaboration is not new among the staff of Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria Nsukka. In the past, some people viewed collaboration as an opportunity to have additional papers to their name without getting involved in any hard work. This is unlike the practice among librarians in University of Nigeria. The publish or perish syndrome has been attributed to why some people fabricate data for their supposed research work in a bid to quickly come up with at least two papers in a year. Most a time, you see five authors to a paper whereby the first author never contributed a line in the work. With the recent formation of Research Groups in University of Nigeria, every researcher (including librarians) is on his/her toes in trying to be enlisted among the top researchers of the year in the University. The University Management recently started funding the research activities of every research group of over 200. In each research group, everybody is working hard to enable the group beat set deadlines by the administration as well as come up with good papers.


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