Tuesday, March 28, 2017

University of Nigeria Library hosts ART + Feminism Wikipedia "Edit-A-Thon Event

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ART + Feminism Wikipedia "Edit-A-Thon Event" hosted by UNN Library. Summary: Wikipedia's gender trouble is well documented and the women Librarians want to change that! Women in Arts are underrepresented both in Wikipedia contribution and content. Marathon editing is ongoing. Join us on Twitter! @libraryunn and use the hashtag - #Wikiwomen to get updates on Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon.

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The University Librarian is involved...
Mrs Igbo, the Circulation Librarian is involved
Video-Conferencing with a Trainer from Ghana
Dr. Mrs Justina Ekere, helping out in the editing task

Dr. Ngozi Osadebe  (Facilitator), and Dr. Scholastica Ukwuoma


Monday, March 27, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

University of Nigeria Nsukka Institutional Repository

You can now have access to the inaugural lectures emanating from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and all other local contents like Theses, Dissertations, Okike Journals/other local journals,  Zikiana and Biafrana materials, etc. Our Repository is user-friendly and categorizes the collections based on faculties. 

Please visit our IR via the following link: http://repository.unn.edu.ng:8080/jspui/
Screen Capture of the Repository Home Page


Library staff meet with the ICT Department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The Library has recently been meeting with the ICT Department to find lasting solutions to technical issues arising. The meeting has been holding at Zenith ICT Building. The building is a structure put up by Zenith Bank for the University, and dedicated for ICT Enterprise services. See pictures after the cut...
Library Staff
brainstorming session
ICT Staff


Friday, March 3, 2017

University of Nigeria Nsukka Librarians get trained on Social Media Use

Practical Session
The Library Administration called for a training of all librarians and library officers, in line with the mandate of the University Administration, that all staff should engage in social media activities for academic purposes. The training which was an attempt to introduce the library staff to the online platforms of the library, held on 3rd March, 2017 at the Special IT Project Unit. The presentation, training and hands-on session was done by Mrs Helen Nneka Okpala, In attendance was the University Librarian in the person of Prof. Mrs C. N. Ezeani, all Deputy University Librarians, and other staff. . At the end of the training, many participants were able to create their blog. Some of the blogs that participants created after the training are (click on blog title to view):

Justina Ekere Blog                                                       Uche Igbo's Blog
Tonia Amaka Ejikeme's Blog                                         Reference Desk                        
Dr. .Michael Okoye's Professional Blog                          Nkem's Blog
Imo Nwabuisi's Blog

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Left: Mr. Chukwuma Mgboji (ICT) addressing the trainees. Right: Prof. Ezeani & the Univ. PRO

A section of participants during the training session

Smiling faces of participants
participants listening attentively during the training
Mrs Helen Okpala, training the participants.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

World Book Day: Prof. C.N. Ezeani addresses NALISS Students

NALISS stands for National Association of Library and Information Science Students. In University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the Department is under the faculty of Education with various combinations. On marking the World Book Day, all students of the department embarked on a rally to create awareness to the University Community on the World Book Day. Their arrival at the University Library caught the attention of many, especially when the University Librarian, Professor Chinwe N. Ezeani was called upon to address the people. Watch the clip above. 

World Book Day in Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Books on display
The World Book Day was marked today, 2nd March 2017 in University of Nigeria by the University Library, popularly called 'Nnamdi Aziwe Library'. The library currently functions under the leadership of Professor Chinwe N. Ezeani - the first female University Librarian of the University. In commemorating the World Book Day, the library organised a display area for students and other readers. Current books and reference materials of varied subjects were selected for display.

The event was announced on the library Website, Facebook and Twitter Pages.  It was amazing to see readers flood the display area to view the materials on display. Provision was made for the readers to request for their materials of interest on a register and also leave their feedbacks or comments. Many of the readers gave positive feedbacks concerning the event which will be shared on our blog soon.

Readers at the stand
To add colour to the event, students of Library and Information Science Students visited the Library as they marked the World Book Day also. They interviewed the University Librarian and she addressed the students with words of inspiration and encouragement all to commemorate the Special Day. See pictures after the cut...  
Prof. C. N. Ezeani (University Librarian) addressing the students
Some of the most requested books


Quotable Quotes on Books and Reading

Quotable Quotes on Books and Reading

To consistently be a man of value, be a man of continuous education.
       Tope Popoola

It is easier to calculate the quantity of sand on the seashore, drops of water in an Ocean than to calculate the value of a good book
Pat. C. Igbokwe

Books and its equivalents are personal companion of those who aspire for greatness. Therefore to know those who don’t aspire, look around them and you will never find any (book); if you find, it will just be by chance.
Pat. C. Igbokwe

Live as though you were to die tomorrow, but learn as though you were to live forever.
 Mahatma Ghandi

If cash is kept at the end of a book, many will not get at it, because people hardly reach the end of the books in their hand.
Pat. C. Igbokwe

When you stop learning, you are old, whether you are 20 or 80.when you keep learning, you are younger, whether you are 80 or 20.
Henry Ford

The gap between a reader and a non-reader is as wide as the gap between one and one million.
Pat. C. Igbokwe

Submission by Patrick C. Igbokwe
Nnamdi Azikiwer Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Email: patrick.igbokwe@unn.edu.ng

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nnamdi Azikiwe Library Marks World Book Day!

Source: http://www.worldbookday.com/
Today, 2nd March, 2017 is World Book Day and the library wishes to inform her readers, that there will be a display of current and interesting books to mark this day. Venue is at the OPAC Area. Come and have request for books and read more books and also come with queries to be answered on the spot. A lot more will follow, thanks and welcome!

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Library Outreach through Social Media: UNN Library in Action

Mr. Amedu Nnaemeka Amos
Social media is a very contemporary means of reaching out to library users in academic and other libraries. Our statistics of visitors on our online platforms keeps us going and posting more for the public. On 23rd February 2017, we posted on our blog and shared on our Twitter, Instagram and Facbook Pages about the new arrival of a text: 'Open Access Journals Desk Reference' which is housed in the Serials Section. Little did we know, that Mr. Amedu Nnaemeka Amos, a Postgraduate student of Education Economics, University of Nigeria Nsukka, saw the post. Precisely, he commented: ''i need this book. i will come 4 it" (See screen capture below)
. The material is a compilation of Open Access Journals with the publishers and links to the journal websites for further reference. Yesterday, 28th February, 2017,  Mr. Amedu visited the Serials Section and made use of the material and on asking him how he found the material he answered: "I found the material very useful, thank you". The library thanks Mr. Amedu for rating us high, after being intereviewed.

To all our patrons out there, please send us your request and we will help out the best we can. Reach out to us through our social media platforms: Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Please also visit our Library Website to learn more: http://library.unn.edu.ng/
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